How To Celebrate 420?

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1. Find a festival

4/20 may officially be the beginning of festival season. From sea to shining sea, concerts, contests, film festivals, and expos are going off on April 20, check which falls on a Saturday this year. 

420 weed festival 2019

2. Travel to a weed-state

Oregon, Washington, Colorado - marijuana is legal in these places. Buy it ‘kid in a candy-shop’ style (for anyone over 21). Hit the ground skankin, and head-out on a dispensary tour. Some of them have $20 eighths and infused lemonades. Inquire about concentrates and edibles, too!

420 festival 2019

3. Bake a cake

4/20 is essentially a big birthday party for weed so bake a cake—a ganja-infused masterpiece with plenty of canna-butter and whipped frosting. Make it in the shape of a gigantic pot leaf. Have fun with green food coloring. Instead of candles, layer it with joints — four, twenty, or four-hundred and twenty of them. You decide, but maybe keep an extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.

backe weed cake, cannabus festival 420 in 2019

4. Immerse yourself in cannabis knowledge

Feed your brain. Books like Cannabis Evolution and Ethnobotany, Cannabis Pharmacy, and The Cannabis Health Index are all great resources for learning the ins and outs of humans’ ancient history with this magical plant. As we know it today, our relationship with cannabis is more than 12,000 years strong. This plant is way more than stoner fodder.

weed books

5. Travel the Hindu Kush

It’s said that psychoactive forms of cannabis originated in the Hindu Kush region, a mountain range flanking Afghanistan and Pakistan. What better way to celebrate weed’s birthday than a trip to the promise land?

hindu kush weed

6. Netflix and Chill

Friday? Half-Baked? Dazed and Confused. PCU. Harold & Kumar. Cheech and Chong. The Big Lebowski. The Doors. Super High Me. Pineapple Express. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Weeds. The list goes on for days. Call in sick, call it a religious observance, do what you gotta do, but post up on the couch with some Grape Ape and a ‘friend’ and watch some stoner flix.

harold kumar, weed festivals 2019

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